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With 25 Years of television production experience, Creative  Video Production has created a wide variety of  private and TV  programs.




Corporate videos


Since early in the days of television studies have shown that on average you have between 8-15 seconds to keep a potential customer on your  screen or  todays website world once they have landed. Utilize corporate web videos to trigger their acceptance of your company. Video can inspire potential customers to delvelope deeper into your website and learn more about your services. In-depth videos that concentrate on specific aspects of your business can pull your visitors into different parts of your website and create a direct response. We at CVP have produced videos for a wide range of business sectors including: Education, New Products, Training, Fund Raising, Events and Manufacturing.





Legal Video Service Experts

A video deposition offers access to a witness and their demeanor and gives the jury the benefit of hearing and seeing the witness testimony. Our qualified legal videographers are here to assist you and provide you with the best professional video deposition. We have the best technology in professional equipment, such as the state of the art HD 3-CCD cameras and audio recording equipment. CVP will provide you with a digital master of your deposition same day. To schedule your next event, call us today.

Creative Video Production offers complete production from concept to completion:

• Video production – pre-production and post production

• Television Commercials for commercials and infomercials

• Documentaries 

• DRTV Infomercials

• Corporate videos

• Videos for web

• Complete production from concept to completion

• Commercials including Public Service Announcements (PSA)

• Video News Release (VNR)

• Legal (Deposition,Day-n-life,IME's) Video file transfer


Post production-editing


Creative Video Production offers state of the art online Final Cut Pro-editing, the industry standard for post production.  Our lates digital a/v studio lets you enrich your project with the highest quality sound to accompany your project’s  music bed and visual design .


Creative Video Production is a complete one-stop shop of experienced bi-lingual team of professionals who consistently deliver the highest quality video production work without compromising your time & budget.

What is postproduction? Postproduction is what takes place in our studio after the event. This is where everything comes together. The postproduction work done for your Event Video is equally important as the video captured on the day of your event. A video that is camera edited or one that has no editing (both are the same) is only providing you with half the service. Don't fall culprit to this tactic. In post your project has three phases of development, First is the loading process. Second is the editing process. Third is the burn process. After loading your project into our workstations your entire video will go through the creative process. We mix titles and stills with music and live video. The audio is mixed and adjusted to the desirable levels. Special effects and dissolves are added in, along with black and white and slow motion effects. All videos are checked for color correctness, typos, and tweaked up in the final stages of production. Once your videos have been confirmed we process your DVD's through our system to finalize the project.







Family Videos (Weddings,Quince,Bar Mitzvahs,Anniversaries, and much more).

• Duplications

• Video Transfers all formats (Vhs,8mm,Hi8)

• DVD Multi-duplications ( Click here Price Link)


Since 1990 Clients from all over the world have come to Beautiful Sunny South Florida to shoot their company products with us.

Film // Video Editor

 Final Cut Pro 

Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at my studio

What separate us from everyone else is our company’s range of expertise with a variety of languages to better serve your markets in todays fast changing world of corporate.


CVP helps clients create and deliver targeted Corporate Communications to a diverse audience. 


Call today (561)561-582-4550  for you NEXT PRODUCTION PROJECT.


P.O.Box 19233

West Palm Beach, Fl 33416


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